Thank you for stopping by, be prepared for a roller coaster of posts. I am chronically ill with multiple Invisible illnesses and with that comes a kaliedascope of emotions. My writing is unedited and unplanned therefore it is raw, the real life of a professional patient.
I write this blog for a number of reasons; 1) the venting is therapy. 2) Because I am not going to stay invisible. 3) Awareness not pity. 4) Maybe something I write can help someone. 5) To show the real raw daily life of chronic illnesses.

I am hoping that if you see me being real with my chronic-ness that you will be encouraged to be real too. No more suffering silently, no more suffering alone.

My diagnosis’ to date:

1. Secondary Addison’s Disease
2. Fibromyalgia
3. Hypothyroid
4. Chronic fatigue
6. Depression/Anxiety
7. Osteoporosis
There are tons of other diagnosis’ in there like Raynauds Phenomenon, Ocular Migraine, dry eye, dry mouth, plantar fasciitis, Insomnia, brain fog, cognitive issues, hair loss— the list goes on and on but are basically “symptoms” of the top 7. These are the illnesses I write about, warrior through, and am medicated for.

The Serious 7 keep me pretty isolated, except on social media, this is my life here. I post, unedited and without sugar coating. I have multiple Facebook pages for a variety of passions; astrology, makeup, women’s circles, book clubs. Laying in bed most of the time gives me a lot of time (although sometimes incoherently) to write! And I love new ideas.

Anyway, who I AM; I am a spoiled wife to an amazing husband, the proud mother of two sons and a bonus daughter. I am a warrior through life. I am an astrologer, reader of tarot cards, and Spiritual in the Mysteries of the Goddess. I love to read and craft when I can. Sunsets and dark nights under a beautiful moon are relaxing.
Well, that’s me in a nutshell.