Evening Primrose UPDATE~

It’s been a bit since I posted about the introduction to Evening Primrose so here it is.

I was expecting a BIG POW 💥 YES IT IS WORKING (or no it is not working) in BIG FlAShInG lights. I’m not sure why I always think that. Anyway, there were no flashing lights, no big 💥Pow!

But… it has been commented on multiple times about my memory and how it’s not only improved but creepily almost photogenic (I was read a debit card number and repeated it back several minutes later with almost 100% accuracy.)

So memory has shown huge improvement. Brain fog, I have it less often and less severe. I do still get it but now it feels like a time lapse- it’s hard to explain, it isn’t bad but a bit disorienting for a few minutes.

Okay here is the big one and the one that is making me see the flashing lights.

Holidays. We, chronic warriors dread the Holidays. Cooking, cleaning, socializing, staying awake, missing naps, needing extra medication just to make it through the day. Then add to that, dropping temperatures, rising air pressure, increasing moisture. The weather has a huge effect on me too.


Christmas morning…

  • I woke extra early (unusual)
  • I baked blueberry muffins.
  • Cleaned up the kitchen.
  • Showered & got ready
  • Opened presents
  • Cleaned up
  • Started Christmas dinner
  • All of the above things are things using up my energy, I am feeling tired by this point but everyone is having such a good time. My hubby, bonus daughter, son and his wife and baby daughter are all here for the Holiday magic.
  • Hubby is getting the fryer ready for the turkey.
    • Finishing up getting casseroles in the oven and other last minute things.
      FaceTime with family from back home.
  • Then the drama erupts, the ultimate in disrespect in my own home. I won’t go into it, I only mention it because it was the kind of drama that would normally have had me walking the crisis line. I took extra HC. Hubby is getting worried, the crash was coming and it was going to be bad- we didn’t have an event to compare it to because it was so bizarre and the utmost on the disrespect level and aimed right at me. *the drama was not caused by those from back home nor was it my bonus daughter. In fact, even at 11 years old she was the least dramatic!*
  • But nothing.
  • Nothing happened.
  • I was unusually calm. I remember thinking “is this a dream?” Because I was so calm. Calm.
    • Ate Christmas dinner
      Cleaned up from Christmas dinner
  • ***Hubby and bonus daughter helped with finishing touches on dinner, my brain fog hit and I couldn’t make sense of some things. They also helped a ton with clean up. Hubby was in a hurry to get me off to bed before the crash hit. We were still waiting for it.
    • Family meeting
  • Still no crash, but headache is starting. Updosed again.
    • Cleaned up mess from late eaters and pie makings.
  • Have you noticed how much I have done today? I don’t do 1/2 this much on an ordinary day. Much less add in the multiple bouts of stressing dramas.
  • Okay, so this alone shows how the evening primrose is helping with my nerves, my physical energy.
  • I did have a down day the day after Christmas, but even healthy people do that! The holidays are exhausting.
  • In short: YES THE EVENING PRIMROSE IS HELPING! A lot! Especially with the depression, anxiety, keeping me calm which helps a lot with the Addisons Disease. My energy level has increase. The pain is still there but it not such a distraction. Recovery time is shorter!

    So a great Big Special THANK YOU to my daughter in law for introducing me to this amazing little helper.


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