I am bad Advertising for a diet plan~

I have done awesome on this diet/lifestyle change! I have done way better than I expected!

Even hitting the 20lb loss mark last week. Yay me.

Last Saturday night I CHOSE to cheat. Not temptation indulgence but chose that I wanted something specific to eat. And I did.

Baked potato loaded (my healthy choice was I didn’t double the butter or sour cream like I usually would and I did not eat the skin which is usually my favorite part,) bread (healthy choice was not indulging on that last piece,) sweet tea!

I savored every bite! Every bite was cherished. It was delicious. It didn’t make me sick either which surprised me.

No guilt! I loved it.

Sunday came along and damn if I don’t give into a burger. I didn’t make it a double and I didn’t supersize it! Didn’t even add the bacon.

Okay a little guilt but I will get back on plan on Monday.

And I did. Monday morning I stepped on the scales and my heart sank. Up 2+ pounds. 177.8. So much for the 20lb loss.

Back on the plan strictly!

Guess what? Today I stepped on those unforgiving and tattletale scales…


I am back on track.

Yes it was worth it for a couple reasons.

1. The food was enjoyable. (One of the reasons I started this plan was to improve my relationship with food!)

2. I consciously made better choices. Maybe not super healthy choices, but 50% better than I used to!

3. It amazes me how much weight those two meals added to the scales.

4. This plan really works to get the weight off.

So all in all I am pretty excited.

Oh and I did not even dip into the Halloween candy!!!


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