Week 4 Weigh In~

I’m not going to lie the last month has been less than enjoyable, but like everything else around my chronic-hotness I don’t know what has caused the downs. The weather has been wet and super humid. My astrology chart calls for a lot of emotional “unbalances” and then full moon energy didn’t help that. The cranky urges to eat bad stuff, the never ending craving for more salt (which I have been catering to a little bit due to the AI) and then of course the usual going on in life… so I don’t think it’s just the diet that has made the last few weeks hard.

So what have I noticed? Still sitting at the same I reported on last time, it not hurting to bend over etc. The IBS or food allergy or whatever is wrong with my stomach has shown some ups and downs instead of just downs, so I am hopeful that my gut is healing.

My pain has been bad due to whatever is flaring right now, standing for more than a minute or two makes me burn.

Sleep, again I believe due to the flare is all messed up.

Friendships made since I’ve been doing good seemed to have chilled since this flare started, I guess people don’t understand as well as I think they do until the flare hits, but that’s for a different post entirely, Making New Friends Between Flares (here)

Anyway, aside from all of this, I am happy to report that I have finally hit the 20lb weight loss mark as of today!

What advice I would have for any of my chronic brothers & sisters…

We are not healthy and we will not loose weight like “normal” people do. Our medications, down days, activity level, activity availability and so on play a huge role. Do not give up! Go at your body’s pace! And. The scales don’t always reflect the inches lost! I was loosing inches but the scales seemed stuck at one ounce from the 20lb mark for a week. Do not give up.

I initially started at 196lbs and my goal was 145. I’m at 175 now and think that 145 may be to skinny, I don’t want to look sick again so I have a floating goal of 160.

Oh and the food…

It has been delicious. The fuelings, I have found a few I love and a few I am sending back! But all in all- I’m sticking with this journey!

Cosmic Blessings

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