Almost week 3~

It’s been slowing going around here the last two two weeks. A weather change has me spending a lot of time curled up in warm blankets and sleeping. My physical activity has been cut in 1/3 from the first week on this diet and sleeping so much has messed up my routine, but…

I’ve lost 17lbs total as of today! So I’d say that’s a win.

Remember though, weight loss wasn’t my actual goal here, eating healthier and multiple times a day was my goal. Learning healthier habits is my goal! And that’s an area I am still winning in.

I am eating my “fuelings” like I’m supposed to.

I only cheat with extra coffee creamer! I have not had a soda or ANY fast food food. I am doing “better” with my water intake on most days.

So what have I noticed except the changing numbers on the scales?

  • My clothes are looser
  • I can bend over without pain
  • I’m probably allergic to beef
  • My resting heart rate has dropped 9beats
  • My pain isn’t as intense in my hips and legs
  • We were eating portions about 3x what actually fills us up.
  • I like veggies
  • Cooking healthier really isn’t hard
  • The flare brought on by weather changes is stopping me from seeing other changes so I’m excited to see those soon (I hope.)
  • So all in all, the plan is working for me!
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