Diet/Lifestyle UPDATE~Week 1

Diet/Lifestyle Update Week 1

One week ago today I started on this path of choosing not to eat crap. By crap I mean double bacon cheeseburgers, fries, soda, anything I didn’t have to cook. If you missed the post about that check here.

So the last seven days…

My son and daughter in love came to visit from Oregon! I was nervous about cooking things I’d never cooked before but it turned out amazing.

One night we did a shrimp boil and I at mashed cauliflower while they ate the potatoes and corn but all other meals we all ate the same delicious and healthy food.

One night I brewed up a recipe I had never done before from the #Lean&Green album. A Cajun dish that stuck to the meal plan and was easy.

I had to alter my medication routine a tiny a bit but that’s been easy.

So what did I eat? I had a lot of water, chocolate and strawberry milkshakes, tropical fruit smoothies, chocolate mint crops bars, cinnamon raisin bars, honey mustard onion sticks, the coffee with no sugar has been a battle but I found a yummy alternative. It has all been delicious, even the fueling bars I thought “I am not gonna like this!”

Yes I had cravings, but I CHOSE to drink water and move beyond the cravings.

I didn’t get cranky. I expected a detoxing type sickness and that never came either.

What have I noticed so far?

Ahhh yes, the good part…

It doesn’t hurt to bend to put shoes and socks on. I can paint my toe nails! My rings fit, day and night! The swelling and bloating has significantly decreased.

I smoke LESS, why? I think because I am not smoking through hunger pains and because I am not smoking through daily pain!

Rain pains… I always get rain pains for a few days before it rains, pain so bad I’ll stay in bed all day and just sleep. The pain didn’t come this time! The rain did, the fatigue and brain fog did, but the pain didn’t. I will admit it was unnerving to have the fatigue and fog without the pain, that has never happened.

My clothes are fitting much looser! And… I am sleeping more sound!

My IBS is still still not holding food the way I should be, but hey, it’s only been a week.

I am learning to think about what I am eating, what it is doing to my body, and noticing how I feel after eating.

My coach has helped a ton with directing me to good food options, encouraging tips, and motivation! It also helps that I don’t want to let her down, that whole accountability thing…

With all of this yummy goodness, ease of eating, conscious choices I can easily say this has been much easier and enjoyable than I thought it would be. But the scales, the scales have had something to say this week too.

In one week, just one, my first week, I have lost 12 pounds! 12!

I love that I am doing this!!!


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