Routine Maker Bookcamp~

I’m the worst about any sort of routine! I used to thrive on routine before I got sick, but when I got sick nothing could be routine.

What if I slept in?

What if I stayed in bed all day?

What if it was a good day?

What if I didn’t sleep at all?

What if~ you know the story! With chronic illness it’s impossible to really have a routine~ at least for me anyway.

This lack of routine & schedule drives my depression and anxiety into the ground. But what can I do?

I took a nap today and had a dream about what might be the answer for me! Yes a dream! Being an intuitive/psychic/astrologer I have learned to listen!

So tomorrow I start the Bootcamp I seen in my dreams. “Routine Maker Bootcamp” cute huh?

What is different about this is that there is no time schedule, just a to-do list. And no I don’t mean a “if I feel good enough” to do list.

  • Things like taking my meds (morning, mid morning, afternoon, dinner, bed) and morning prayer, morning ritual, journaling, self love… stuff that should be done every day but I will skip it if…
    • I didn’t get out of bed in time
      I can’t do it in a specific order due to getting up late
      I didn’t sleep good last night
      I am staying in bed today
      I have brain fog
      I just don’t feel like it…
  • No more excuses! There are things I do daily, why am I choosing what is routine and what is convenient to only on good enough days.
  • So no more time stamps except for what is truly appointment-time-stamp- necessary.
  • No more setting myself up to fail.
  • Bootcamp will last 30 days! I need to see if this works to actually get me to do routine tasks, to be flexible about the timing, to be less controlling about the process, to take my meds correctly, to improve my sense of accomplishment, to increase my power over my perceived and real limitations of my illnesses.
  • ROUTINE MAKER BOOTCAMP starts 9/14/18
  • I have my list and will be able to see my progress rise and stay steady, being able to add more as the need arises!!!
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