It’s a Spoonie thing~

I get excited over the silliest stuff, but this is one most of you will understand. I remember the excitement well, the day the doctor said “we will see you back in 4 months.” FOUR! I felt as if I had graduated, some big accomplishment! Four whole months before my next visit!!!

My appointment was scheduled for early October!


My body didn’t want to wait that long!

Remember me posting the other day about my “throat bone” hurting? Well, first of all there is not a “throat bone!” It’s called thyroid cartilage! Strange, I always thought that was a bone.

Anyway, turns out that there is not supposed to be pain there! Turns out that considering my history it’s a big deal to have pain there.

So I go in tomorrow morning (October’s lab work has also been moved up) for labs then to see the doctor about my thyroid cartilage pain. Oh how my vocabulary has broadened with medical terminology.

Seriously, I get mad because those of us with chronic illnesses should be exempt from “normal people” illnesses but there should also be a limit to how many “not normal” illnesses one person can get. I think I exceeded the recommended limit. I don’t need to learn anymore new medical terms.

Strange though, I’ve had offers of friends/family to accompany me to this appointment, that’s unusual, is the Universe telling me something? Shhh don’t think like that.

My hope of graduating to 6months between visits is very slim at this point. But hey, I did make it 3 months.

The things only a fellow spoonie would totally understand.


3 thoughts on “It’s a Spoonie thing~

  1. Hi Cosmic;
    I’m in total agreement regarding the normal people health problems, we do have enough on our plate with the chronic people issues. I’m sending lots of hope and good vibes your way in regarding to the thyroid cartilage.

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