Foot Steps Goal

I will never forget the day my doctor said “10,000 steps is your daily goal!” I laughed, at that point I was lucky if I’d get 1,000 steps a day. Some weeks my average according to Fitbit was 3,000-5,000 for the week. I remember those days, I remember those steps! I remember the pain and agony that each of those steps caused. So for 10,000 to be a goal was so far fetched I could do anything but laugh at that silly doctor.

Now here we are, a few years later, several dosages higher in medication and a new doctor and guess what? Some days the goal of 10,000 is not only met but exceeded. My wheel chair stays parked and my walking stick is a gorgeous decoration.

Yes the pain exists, that is just something I need to accept and live with. But I am doing so much better. My foot steps goals are being raised, yes that’s intimidating because it took me so long to reach this goal, but now I know that the goals are achievable. Persistence, pushing, being flexible and forgiving with myself, and not giving up is what it took to get here and that’s what it will take to get to the next goal.

New goal; 10,000 foot steps 4 days a week!

What are your footstep goals and what encourages you to meet those goals?


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