More than difference of opinion~

Today I had a conversation, I say that lightly because it gets me riled up to think of the ignorance and dangers involved, but I had this conversation.

This is Adrenal Insufficiency related! I will not argue here so let’s just clear that up.

First, the title of the post was something about Adrenal Fatigue. Yes deep sigh to my fellow AI spoonies. I’ve already argued the Medically diagnosable credibility of “Adrenal fatigue.” so I let that slide through although irritated. But I did comment about the need to get the 8am cortisol test.

I told them about how much my quality of life has improved since my diagnosis and getting on the right dosage…

Here is the start of this post!

I am on hydrocortisone! It is a corticosteroid! It is not a choice to be on steroids! I will die without them. I am all for Naturopathic Healing but that will NOT replace steroids. Yes I know steroids are bad when taken long term, but I am replacing what my body does not make. Yes, Osteoporosis can be diagnosed (ps, I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis before I ever started steroid treatment.)

I was told it’s okay for us us to have a “difference of opinion.” about this subject.

Well, it is not okay! It is not simply a difference of opinion. It is dangerous to believe that a blood test isn’t important when Adrenal Issues are suspected. It is dangerous to not take steroids and instead do the naturopathic thing to “rebuild” the adrenals.

I know it’s about awareness, but sometimes it gets so frustrating to see people believing such dangerous ideas and thoughts. It can cost a life.

What if I was new to AI and believed this person about a vitamin that could replace my steroids? What if I tried that?

I was that person who went to see the naturopath for my symptoms. She told me I had Adrenal fatigue and to take this supplement, which I did, and my health continued to deteriorate. More than a year later, symptoms having me bed ridden and praying for my life to slip away during my sleep, I found the doctor who was livid I hadn’t been tested sooner.

I am not bad mouthing the doctor, naturopath, nurses, or anyone for their lack of knowledge on this topic. I am however, badmouthing their lack of interest to learn the truth. Why do these people who do not live with AI, try to tell us how to live (or die!) why is there such a huge gap in this “difference of opinion?”

I share and share to spread awareness, but who am I? I’m not that fancy doctor telling someone it’s Adrenal fatigue. I’m not the pharmacist saying a supplement will rebuild the adrenals.

I am just me, this crazy woman who has been through it, learned from it, and trying to save a life by teaching about it.

I am just me, this chronic warrior with my own opinion.


One thought on “More than difference of opinion~

  1. You keep on spreading awareness! I’m a pharmacist. Some conditions can certainly be helped by naturopathic medicine, and that is fine. But adrenal insufficiency is not one of them! 🤦🏼‍♀️ It pains me whenever I hear medical misinformation spread by those who really don’t know better. Good on you for advocating for others with AI! 😀


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