Sneaky Sneaky!

It’s been a busy few weeks! High stress ups and downs, good and bad! Changes in weather! Mass change in physical activity. Just a lot more of everything and my body isn’t used to it. Ps- add in the diet change of junk food on vacation…

I should have expected it, maybe I kind of expected it but forgot about it.

Today I didn’t feel good at all and got progressively worse. I updosed due to the pain, I thought was a fibro flare from all of the activity, and heck it might have started that way, a flare I mean.

I hadn’t ate anything all day and couldn’t get up to fix dinner so hubby got us take out- yea more junk- but I didn’t feel like cooking.

After eating I get sick and stumble for the bathroom like I do after every meal. It usually stops there. A mass explosion of my stomach contents then I’m better.

That wasn’t the case tonight, I got shaky, continued getting sick, confusion set in. I popped a stress dose of meds between trips to the bathroom. I knew this wasn’t good.

Luckily, I caught it before it went crisis. Although I’m not sure how because I wasn’t watching for Cortisol symptoms. Why? Because I wasn’t stressed out, no new injury, just another day in the life of a chronic hot mess.

Sneaky sneaky is what Addison’s Disease is.

Without warning my cortisol levels dropped. Or maybe I had been experiencing the warnings all day but blamed other illnesses for the pain and brain fog, the speech problems, the need to sleep all day. I should have recognized the symptoms, but I wasn’t paying attention to how AI symptoms feel different from the others.

My point of this post is 1. To pay attention to the symptoms. And 2. Things can get bad quickly.

So that’s all I have. It was all much scarier in person than it reads in this post, but trust me, it could get so bad so quick and without much warning. Pay attention.


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