Shoe Shopping~ Randomness

So many of my friends love shoes, shoe shopping, all things shoes!

Not me!

I hate it!

On vacation and forgot my walking shoes, I tried making it the week without them. Tried. To much pain and now the humidity is increasing. So my amazing and supportive hubby took me to get some.

First let me tell you…

I was to sick to eat breakfast. Was touring a Wildlife safari during the 2:30 med time and didn’t want to take a 3rd dose on an empty stomach… by 3:00pm I hadn’t ate yet, was late for meds, hadn’t had a nap, been up since 6:30am, was hot… you get the picture…

let’s go shoe shopping!

I was actually excited because I kept hearing rave review about a couple different pairs that are said to help with pain-yada-yada!

Excitedly I pick the one I want. Try them on. Oh so soft. Then I walk… my heels nearly come out of the shoe. I try to convince myself they will work. These will not work.

I try on the other brand… (Repeat the above paragraph!) These will not work.

I try on a few others.

  • To tight
  • To narrow
  • Not my size
  • Ugly
  • Tight spots
  • Hard to get on
  • No room to swell

The shoes were piling up. I was getting tired. Depressed.

I have wide feet and wear a size 11, not easy to find. But add in I need a taller heel coverage so my feet stay in them. I need the extra padding. I need easy to get on. You know the story.

Finally, I’m angry, near tears! I want to leave barefoot- I don’t even want to wear the ones I wore into the store. I want to leave.

Hubby suggested (not the first time) that I try a men’s shoe. In a fit I agreed.

They fit. Comfortably.

I wanted white. They didn’t have white! I wanted girly! I wanted feminine.

I got navy blue.

Then socks. I wanted girly. I wanted feminine.

We searched and searched (even hungrier, even more tired, even lower on medication) for cute girly LARGE socks.

I got men’s gray.

By this point I am mad! Frustrated. We purchased the shoes and socks. I pushed the “Boys shit” (men’s socks and shoes) into the back seat, ranting about I’m not worthy to be a woman, I’m to fat, I’m to this, I’m to that…

a full blown fit.

I don’t want those stupid boys shoes.

Real grown up right.

Finally at 4:30pm we went to dinner, I took my meds, a couple hours later I kick the lid off the shoe box and stare at them. My heart is broke because I wanted to be a “normal woman” and feminine. I wanted to not need special shoes.

I put on one of those stupid socks.

I slid my foot into one of those stupid shoes.


I love these shoes! My feet love these shoes!


Medicated or not. Tired or not. Hungry or not.

I do not like shoe shopping.

I do not like shoe shopping here or there.

I do not like shoe shopping anywhere.

I do not care if my feet are bare, I will not like shoe shopping.

So what did I get? Men’s Nike Free RN Flyknit 2018. They are light weight, the material Hugs my heels so they don’t slip out, the padding is pretty good, they aren’t tight anywhere.


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