Re-Align Your Dreams~

When I first got “sick” this most recent time I thought it was the end for me, I wanted it to be the end for me. I didn’t want to live the rest of my life bed bound with no purpose. I slipped into give up mode. I couldn’t see me beyond my illness! I let it consume me!

I think it was a HUGE mix of things that woke me up but what I remember most is the following: I knew of a few people, suffering illnesses, giving up like I did. But standing on the outside I could see their world in a wider scope! Like them giving up on working; I could see so many potential jobs that they could do but because they couldn’t see beyond their illness they had given up. I remember being envious because if I were in their shoes I’d try _____ just to stay working. But in my eyes they weren’t even trying and it was so sad to see them give up.


One day I was laying in bed wondering if I had given up so easily too. What else could I do? What could have I tried? What should I try? People much more “disabled” than me were doing out of the box things to give them purpose, earning a living, having a life… what if…

And then the ideas came pouring in. Suddenly life purposes started popping up all around me like flowers in spring.

When we are in pain 24/7 it’s hard, nearly impossible, to see ourselves able to do anything but lay in bed and suffer. I know, I’ve been there. Our dreams and goals have been ripped from us and we feel as if nothing is left. But what if…

just imagine for a minute…

Our illness was a course corrector, like a U-turn or sharp corner, it stops us, it forces us to see a side of ourselves we would never have seen, it makes us dig deep into ourselves, it realigns us with our true self. It forces us to just be. Then an awakening happens, we re-evaluate ourselves and find new purpose, a purpose we never would have found.

We are chronic, I know this! I know I will never be cured. But by really looking I have been able to re-align my dreams, I have purpose. No, the pain doesn’t stop. No, I am not reliable because down days and naps and appointments still pop in. But I am learning (or trying to) flexibility and acceptance that I am doing the best I can and the world will have to be okay with that.

Anyway. Yesterday on the Mighty they posted this article that I wanted to share with y’all! Take a look here.

Find new purpose! Kindle new passion. Find your purpose, because I promise you do have purpose.

Sending you love.


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