Pity Party Cancelled!!!

I am Temporarily cancelling the pity party. As much as some part of me is trying to be there and make it the bash of the year, a bigger part of me says “oh no ya don’t get to get off that easy! It’s just a bad day!”

Just as the darkness tries to argue, that bigger part of me, the part that has passions and dreams points at the ladder and says “Climb! Pull! Fight your way out of this before you get lost again!”

*image from Pinterest.

Sometimes it’s just hard to see the point of another bad day. Sometimes I forget about the good days that make it all worth it.

It’s okay to have those days.

It’s okay to scream.

It’s okay to cry.

In fact DO THAT! Scream! Cry! Feel it all.

Then brush it off, pull yourself together and head back up the ladder.

Congratulate yourself for another day accomplished.

Easier said than done, I know. But I also know it’s possible, my success rate of climbing the ladder is 100% so I know I can do it. You can too.

Here is your ladder! Climb with me!


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