How am I supposed to learn “Balance?”

This I ask more now than ever; How am I supposed to learn Balance?”

Being sick and depressed is horrible, torture, it’s not thriving but surviving. Being sick in body but full of happy inspiration and motivation in the mind is a whole new kind of torment. No one warned me about this.

I used to get so mad about people telling me to “be more positive,” and now, I am super positive and do you know what? IT DID NOT MAKE THE PAIN GO AWAY!!!! And YES, deep down I expected (hoped) the pain to ease up at least, seriously naive.

Now I have hope and inspiration and some BIG motivation! I have goals and plans! My mind and my soul are jumping with excitement and passion for life! Emotionally I am strong and happy!


I have not found the magic wand to wave that would balance my no limits mind set with my super limited body. And seriously, the BIG question…

How am I supposed to learn balance when the triggers, life events, weather, every thing is ever changing? There is no way to balance this chronic mess. I do my best yes, but this new passionate outlook on life forgets to notice the ques, the Healing Hounds alerts are chalked up to the new energy I am exuding.

I actually had to check the weather tonight to see if these are rain pains when normally I would know before a change in weather was even forecasted.

While this unbalance is unnerving and could be dangerous, I keep telling myself that I will learn how to manage this new challenge just like I do with every other challenge.

I got this. This is just more Gypsy travels through this chronic cosmos that is my life!


3 thoughts on “How am I supposed to learn “Balance?”

  1. When you figure the whole ‘balance’ thing out, let me know! I do get ‘pacing oneself’. Hell, maybe that is balance in itself. The rule of One. One thing a day… other things you do are bonuses. If you complete too many bonus rounds in a day, go directly to pain jail!

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