Today’s Low Cortisol Moment<

Today’s low Cortisol moment…

Monday and Tuesday both were off of the charts intense stress days like a missing teenager (my niece) and separately my daughter in law being admitted to the hospital at 32 weeks pregnant! *everyone is safely home now and my grand daughter is still safely in mamas womb.* but that kind of intense stress.In the midst of the stress my pain went numb and I way-way way physically over did it just trying to stay busy and not stress. That was a dumb idea because I really am paying for it.

Tuesday (yesterday) I debated the solu-Cortef injection, that is the steroid used when crisis occurs. But I just stress dosed instead. Even though I had all of the symptoms of low Cortisol including the not thinking clearly, I went to bed.

I slept 10hours minus getting up three times for medications. The pain when I woke up was intense so I opted for a video day, I couldn’t think to read so videos were the alternative.

My youngest son calls to have me call and ask my dr if it is safe for me to get the TDAP (or something like that) shot, I need it two weeks before my granddaughter is born.

So I call and leave a message on the nurses answering machine, it goes something like this…

“Hi this is Doctor (my own last name) calling for… No I am Doctor _____(my doctors last name)… No. No. I am not a Doctor, I am the patient, this is Doctor Jody. Ah. I am still not a doctor. I am calling about ________ (all the stuff I was calling about.) please return my call at ______(my phone number.)

I couldn’t get the name thing right to save my life. I hung up and thought it was very funny, sharing the funny with my Facebook friends! It was hilarious!


The auto dealership wanted me to bring the title to them today! I called and said it couldn’t happen today! Long story short the salesmen came to the house and picked it up! I think he thought I was drunk because of my slurring of words and inability to stand correctly.

Back to #1;

The nurse calls and sounds concerned, asking odd questions. She said my message was not understandable, she didn’t know for sure who I was or what I was calling for. Once we finally got that all straightened out she put me on hold. Came back on and said that for today and probably a couple of days I should continue updosing my Cortisol (which wasn’t even what I was calling for) because I sounded very low and it is a concern. And the answers to my other questions would have to wait because the Doctor had left for the day while “we” her and the other nurses? were trying to decipher the voice mail message. Omg seriously I bet that was entertaining!

So my lessons for today

  • low Cortisol is much like being drunk; I think I’m talking fine but the reality is I’m slurring and talking my own language.
  • And most importantly I need to find out how people know when to take their injections! I wasn’t thinking straight so I assumed I was okay, I know that is a dangerous thought.

I’m still low, my symptoms are still present, I am still stress dosing.

Well when I started this post it was meant as a funny, but as I typed I realized it might not be funny at all. That it’s actually serious and could have been dangerous. In fact I’m a little scared now, what happens if it happens again, happens that I think I’m okay but really am not. I’ve read about it but it’s never happened to me before.

Hmmm. I will keep you updated with what I find out.


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