“You’re Sick, We Get It!”

I’ve been asked (again) recently why do I always post on my personal Facebook about being sick “you are sick, we get it!” Well, bluntly, let me answer that…

Obviously you don’t get it if you even have to ask!

Point blank, there it is! And believe me when I tell you that I am saying that in a very ornery and harsh toned voice.

1. I DO NOT post about it for the attention! Seriously, it’s been years and that attention died off a long time ago! People stop paying attention to chronic illness! They go away! They hide my posts! They move on!

2. I am NOT being negative nelly! This is my reality! This is my everyday! Believe me, you don’t even see 1/2 of what I go through!

3. AWARENESS!!! Do you have any idea how many private messages I get from people asking for more details about one illness or another because they think they (or someone they know) might have it? Do you have any idea how many people might get to skip YEARS of tests because of my posts helping them to help their doctors!

AWARENESS! That I try to ask you to help me spread but your news feed is to precious to jam up with something that could actually help someone!


Aside from the awareness, yes, I do post too often! I know I do! And do you know what? I am glad I do because since my social life is framed in by the walls of my health limitations and most of my friends are out having a life, I resort to SOCIAL media! That’s right SOCIAL- my social life is behind a screen! I’ve met amazing friends via social media platforms! I’ve learned so much about so much and I have grown behind these screens.

So I will post! I will post about my health, my days, my nights, whatever I want to post about. It makes my chronic life much less lonely! In fact it’s rather satisfying!

I will post about my illnesses, their side effects, the good days and bad because somewhere out there, there is some one I may be able to help in someway.

So you see, you DO NOT get it!


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