I Wasn’t Paying Attention~

I Wasn’t Paying Attention~

Multiple times today 2 of my Healing Hounds tried getting my attention with their usual licking of my palms or gnawing lightly on my hands. Earlier today I did take heed to their call and took my medication.

Their weird behavior toward me continued through the day and because I felt okay and was up on my meds I thought the dogs were just being weird. I ignored them and even became irritated, they wouldn’t leave me alone!!!

We are in the process of training the dogs NOT to sleep on the bed, they have been doing pretty good.

Until tonight.

Tonight Chief kept putting his paws up on the bed, scratching me, he wouldn’t settle down! This did irritate me as it went on for two hours, every few minutes for two hours!!!! At one point I did get up and let them outside, just in case this is what Chiefs problem was.

I finally give in and let Chief on the bed, followed by Luna. Chief would lick and was being irritating but I finally dozed off.

I say dozed because before the light even went out on my phone Chief was licking my arms. I sat up with the full intention of kicking him out of the bedroom and closing the door…


Instead I was rushing to the bathroom, nausea was coming on fast! The rush might have been funny if I felt better, but there was no rush in my movement, instead I pinballed off of one dresser, the foot of the bed, another dresser, the bathroom door, the bathroom sink, I felt drunk. Then the headache…

I’ve rarely had low Cortisol symptoms come on after bed, especially when nothing major happened the day previous. This wasn’t good.

I made it to my stash of Hydrocortisone, debated waking hubby up for an injection, which I’ve never used before, but this all just felt worse than normal.

I took the medication and laid back down, the dogs are resting, one with a head on my stomach and one with a head on my shins. They are calmer now, but are quick to their feet if I start to move.

I’m guessing that I’m coming down with some sort of normal people illness. Lovely.

I think I’m okay now! It’s been an intense few hours.

I should have paid attention to the many alerts the Healing Hounds we’re giving me.

Lesson learned, my Cortisol can drop quickly, listen to the alerts even if I think I feel okay.


3 thoughts on “I Wasn’t Paying Attention~

  1. Ew… “normal people” disease. As if it wasn’t bad enough… Every time I faint my dog stays by my side. She doesn’t get help or bark, but she lays by me. I would like her to do a bit more, but at least I come to with my big smelly dog looking at me in a sphinx pose.


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