Possible Culprit~

The last couple of weeks my health has been on a downward spiral! My muscles burned more than normal, my pain in general was higher, my POTS symptoms have increased, it just felt like I was slowly getting worse again…

Today I fixed guacamole to have a snack with my bonus daughter, she said it needed more salt! I added more salt, I couldn’t stop eating it. I felt my body calm down with every bite.

*Light bulb moment*

A couple of weeks ago I started a “diet.” Not really a diet but less eating out, healthier meals etc. like for breakfast I’d have oatmeal, lunch would be an apple with peanut butter and then a HelloFresh dinner. I had cut down on sodas and my electrolyte drinks due to sugar content.

I am loosing weight already and it’s awesome. Almost 10lbs.

Are you seeing where I am going?

Less potato chips, less pickles, less electrolytes, less of a lot of stuff (none of a lot of stuff too)…

*image found on Google search “salt shaker”

Most people with Addison’s disease are salt wasters, most are on a medication to help (I can’t remember the name,) but I’m not! My numbers stay pretty good! Except when I cut all of that stuff out of my diet, I guess. I am no doctor, but I am assuming that is what is causing me to go down hill so rapidly!

So I need to re-evaluate the dieting to include more sodium intake. How could I have missed this? I was so proud of myself for ignoring the the cravings!

Today I ate salty chips and guacamole! Today I will eat more salty things (salt on my apples and peanut butter?) and I will drink my electrolytes like I would have done a couple of weeks ago!

Here’s to a better nights sleep (I hope) *toasting with a salt shaker*


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