Where I Put My Energy~

We all know thoughts are energy, especially with a chronic illness I suppose because we have so much time to think. And I don’t know about you but my thoughts often disappear down a rabbit hole of negativity and it takes what was left of my physical energy worth it.

I’ll take something so tiny and processes it through my mind so many times, each time adding a bit more negative emotion that pretty quick my mind and emotions are consumed by something so small and probably unintentionally done.

At some point, usually days later, I am ready to explode then it occurs to me damn I’ve put a lot of my energy into this! If the tiny thing was intentionally done, then I’ve already given it all of the attention it deserves. If it was unintentional then it didn’t need anything to begin with. So BAM- shake it off and move on.

What an extremely ginormous waste of my energy.

So I take a step back, do a clearing meditation and center myself back into the moment.

Stop and take a look at where you are wasting your energy, at where energy could go to make you happier and more peaceful.

Take a deep breath and reorganize your energetic files.


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