HelloFresh has Arrived!

I just found out today is Friday, the UPS man knocked at the door with our HelloFresh order! So much for my nap I needed to see what’s inside this box that I cannot carry!

The ice was still almost solid! Wrapped in a cooling bubble wrap bag were all of the ingredients for 4 meals! Each meal in a separate paper bag, except the meats, they were under the ice! And Fresh- Yes!

Much smaller portions than we usually eat, but we can either bump to the 4 person meals or reduce our portion sizes.

I am bursting to jump up and down! No more “what’s for dinner” dilemmas that end in me just not eating! No more stress of the shopping list and what might sound good! 4 nights a week is guaranteed a healthy meal! No more “I don’t have _____ to make this!” Eating just got so much easier!!!

Each of the 4 meals came with a large info sheet with pictures, the recipe, instructions (with pictures,) ingredient list (with pictures!)

Oh I wish I could physically jump up and down because I am so excited! I’ll be learning new ingredients and recipes I’ve never cooked before! This is going to be a self esteem boost not to mention health boost!

And… There is also the Nutrition card, this is awesome because today I signed up for MyFitnessPal to keep track of what I am eating! I am determined to feel better about my body and health!

Granted I have not cooked anything yet, but so far, I am impressed with meal filet very service in general and HelloFresh because it’s the only one I’ve tried. Lol. I am kind of wishing we would have went with the one that offered lunch also, but we can get to that later.

Anyway, that’s my bit of excitement for the day!

Healthy & Happy Eating!!!


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