Medication Organization + Brain Fog=

Medication Organization + Brain Fog=

I don’t even know!

Organizing my meds is an all day thing on a good day, add brain fog and well.

I don’t even know.

It’s a good thing my tongue recognizes and counts meds as they go into my mouth because some weeks I have terrible brain fog and have to wonder how I even survived that week. Not enough of some meds, none of others, a whole weeks worth in one day sometimes, and other times it’s just indescribable! One time I didn’t even recognize the medication that I had in one days slot!

Yet once a week (usually Tuesdays) I sit down at the table with my box of “extras” (the replacement stock for when I run out,) the bag of daily meds, the empty organizers for morning (green=good morning,) bed time (pink for PM,) daytime (the big one,) and on the go (black leather with colored mini organizers.) Once a month or after a seriously stressful time I pull out the Emergency (pink leather looking & Blue injection kit) kits and reorganize those too, which I have to do today after last weeks stuff!

Anyway, I sit down at the table and start refilling by time medication is taken. By the time I am starting the 3rd dose of the day, after counting and cutting, my neck, back, and shoulders hurt so bad I can no longer sit! I write on a sticky note where I need to start again. I get up and lay down for a bit, sometimes 15 minutes sometimes 2 hours!

Then I’m back at the table; mid morning, lunch, and mid afternoon doses cut and counted. Rest time again.

Whose idea is this anyway? If I didn’t have to have “special” medications I would order the pre-packed pills!

Back to the table to finish dinner and bedtime organization! Done!

Haha yeah right!

Double check!

Now I’m done!

Till next week and it starts again!

Oh wait, I left out the calling in refills and re-ordering any supplements I’m running low on! Because some of my medications are special I have to call some in directly to the pharmacist and others I use the automated system. I go through supplements fairly quickly so I usually order 3-12 of those bottles per supplement at a time. (Hence the “Extras” box!

It takes hours some days just to refill my weekly organizers! It’s mind numbing and physically painful!

Do any of you have tips or tricks that makes med day easier? Would love to hear suggestions.

*edited to add…

I wrote this during the break for the mid morning pills! I forgot to write the sticky note and it took probably 5 minutes to figure out I had already filled the mid morning slots. I was so confused. Then I ran out of a medication part way through the week so had to make notes of that to fill when I get the medication from the pharmacy. Grrr.


3 thoughts on “Medication Organization + Brain Fog=

  1. Man, this is a tough one! You can sign up for automatic refills but then you may forget which ones don’t auto fill… I usually do two weeks at a time in a sitting, but you are beyond me with the pink pack and the black one. Unbelievable but you look pretty organized… it is just such a pain to do. ~Kim

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    1. Oh Id love to do the auto refill, but both of my steroids have extra fro emergencies, if I use the extras it needs refilled sooner AND those are 2 of the “special” ones that I need to actually talk to the pharmacy manager so it gets filled correctly.
      It is a pain! But I do like the idea of two weeks at a time!!!

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      1. ARgh! Yes, at least you only have to take a day to put together two weeks, I have often thought about one more week buy another holder and do three… Now that I have my meds mailed to me and I have to order every time! I like to know way ahead of time because it takes 7-10 days to get my mailed meds. It’s a crap shoot!~K.


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