Another Moment of Memories Made~

Yesterday started with my fibro in a fit and struggling to keep up on my Cortisol, but I survived. I even had a good time!

The Celebration turned out pretty good, lots of memories made which is exactly what I am striving for now a days.

But today as hubby and friends wake up with hangover, I too wake up with a throbbing head and extremely nauseous.

Mistake number one was me staying outside in 45′ temperatures too long, but at the time I didn’t feel too cold. It took hours to even get my skin warm again. The pain from that still lingers today.

Then a “slight” rise in adrenaline just before the end of the party used up any Cortisol I had left but I was so tired I didn’t think to updose. Big mistake.

Today I’ve barely left the bed except to eat a bit and take my meds.

It’s an Addy thing, this killer headache that nearly has me screaming for relief! I didn’t even drink any alcohol yet today I am the sickest.

It doesn’t matter, at least not that I’ve found, what I do to prepare, or how much I try to prepare, I always suffer from a good time.


It’s about the memories made! I can still see the smiles through the pain, hear the laughter through my own moans, it is about the memories. Having Addison’s has made me thankful for and eager to make and be apart of memories! Tomorrow is not promised but the memories will carry on.

So even though today is miserable, it is worth it.

Another moment of memories made! 💗💗💗


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