I’ve graduated to 4 Months~

I seen the dr for my 3 month appointment today, like all appointment days it wiped me out.

So, almost 3 hour nap taken and I still feel horrible. But here is an update.

It was a good dr appointment! A slap in the face with reality but only because it caught me off guard.

*lab work looks pretty good; Cortisol still runs low, triglycerides are high- so bump the HC when I need to and cut down on sugars and carbs *gulps a drink of Mt. Dew*

*physical check up looks good

*Bone density scans the Osteoporosis meds are working, improvement to Osteopenia everywhere but my spine which still looks back.

So in my excitement I say “Oh looks like I’m doing good then!” Doctors pulls away from the computer and informs me I am an autoimmune train wreck and he wouldn’t call it good, but I’m not worse so he supposed that is good!

Wait what? To me this is all good news because there wasn’t any bad news, he apologizes (in a way) and says he just doesn’t want me to have false hopes.

No, I know I will not get better! I know I am on the list for everything autoimmune. And yes, somewhere inside of me smiled when there was no bad news today, some hopeful part that hoped I was “getting better!” So the reality check was needed but oh so disappointing.

And more good news… I don’t have to be back for FOUR months! 4!!!! I’m getting there!!!

I am still happy with my appointment, still not giving up or giving in. Still fighting this fight.

So back to waking up from my nap, reality #2; I had really hoped for a week of recovery days before the two days of driving for my sons wedding, then bam- we leave tomorrow! Zero rest or recovery days!!! ZERO!!!

Oh it’s going to be a long trip…

stay tuned to travel along.


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