A New Kind of Helpless

As most of you know I am going to be a grandma in June! It’s a beautiful excitement!

Due to complications my son and daughter in law to be are in the hospital for the second (separate) night.

And this brings on a whole new kind of helplessness…

I’m at home, in bed, recovering and flaring, and trying to be healthy enough for their wedding this week omg. The key word there is Home. I know there is nothing I could do for anyone at the hospital, moral support maybe.

But due to my illnesses and steroid use I am more susceptible to other illnesses and have been advised it’s dangerous for me to be around anyone sick (hospitals are full of sick people!) so I am at home. The guilt and helpless feeling I have is overwhelming.

It’s made me realize the times to come, am I going to be allowed to be at the hospital when baby is born? What about other times? Am I just advised to stay away from the hospital during flu season?

One of the possible culprits of the complications has been mentioned, Adrenal tumor- I’m all to familiar with all things Adrenal and this worries me for my sweet daughter in law to be even more.

Please send thoughts, prayers, chants- whatever to my son and his growing family.


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