Another Day in Bed~

I started this post as a pity party for myself, spending another day in bed, another day either recovering from yesterday, resting for tomorrow, or just a down day like any other.

I wanted to talk about poor me, sick of this popcorn ceiling, lagging internet

craving foods I cannot have (oh what I wouldn’t do for a cupcake!) and on and on…

But then something totally normal happened. It happens several times a day everyday but due to something that was said yesterday, this normal event turned my pity party into a moment of deep gratitude.

Look at that face! That face is always at my side, kisses and cuddles, alerts and warmth! This is my Healing Hound! Some may say “he’s just a dog!” But to me he is not just a dog.

Some days he is my only smile. Some days he makes me laugh out loud.

This chronic life is a lonely one; rarely a visitor, rarely a call, rarely a text. But always this face is in my space.

And so today, I’ll be thankful for the Healing Hounds that brighten my day, for the friends who remind me to appreciate the moments, and for the moments I can appreciate!

There is always, always something to appreciate, sometimes it just takes a bit looking.


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