Happy New Year~

I’ve been quiet for quite some time, not because things were unusually good, but because I’ve been a hot mess!

We’ve moved into a new house, y’all know the exhaustion and stress that comes with that! Our youngest son and his wife to be (January 27th) are due to have a baby girl June 3rd, imagine the excitement! Well a billion other things have been good exciting and bad stressing and to be honest the roller coaster has emotionally drained both me and my Cortisol levels, feels like I fight off crisis daily. Needless to say I am cranky, tired, and emotional!

But… it’s 50 minutes from a New Year! 2018 is full of potential, hopes, dreams, and my goal is to see the Magic in every moment. But in order for that to happen I need to clean up some toxic-ness in my life.

*As I type this fireworks are exploding outside and my poor Healing Hounds are stressed! 😞

I’m not into resolutions, so this isn’t about that, but it is time I set some boundaries and stick to them! Boundaries to protect myself and my health.

So… No disrespect to anyone, I still love and care for each and everyone of the people in my life, I’m still here to listen and support…


I put so much energy into trying to be the mediator, the protector, the guide… often at the expense of my own health.

People do not realize how much their stuff effects me, after the drama has passed they move on with their life, but I take days, weeks, or months to recover. I have to get less emotionally attached or involved. I have to step back and let them find their way! It is NOT my circus, they are NOT my monkeys!

*image from Redbubble .com

I am also a micro-manager, everything needs to be a certain way, go as planned, stay on schedule, not deviate from my expectations… I get all crazy and thrown out of balance when others are late, change plans, effect the outcome… it’s time I learn to go with the flow.


Most of all I need to do what’s best for me! I’m not putting up with bullshit just to avoid the stress of confrontation, I won’t nod and agree just to keep the peace. I let people walk all over me because I thought it was easier than dealing with expressing my own thoughts and opinions- it has cost me dearly.

*image from Wild Woman Sisterhood on Facebook.


*image from Soul Sisters Facebook page

This year I will take care of me for my health, so I can celebrate 2019, 2020, and so on. It’s time to stop expecting others to see how all of this effects me- it’s time I take this in my hands and protect myself!

I am sending you all Blessings of love and abundance, as healthy and as happy as can be, and the strength and courage to stand up for yourself to take care of yourself: be an advocate for yourself in 2018 and all of the years to come!

Happy New Year my brother and sister Spoonies!

With Love!


One thought on “Happy New Year~

  1. New Year Blessings to you lovely lady. Here’s to you finding peace from the drama other people create. Here’s to your son and his bride to be- may their day be glorious and their lives blessed with love, health, happiness and prosperity. Here’s to that precious cargo your daughter-in-law is carrying. Grandparenting is a wonderful gig, you’ll love it.

    Sending you much love ❤️

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