Big Changes! BIG!!!

I think it has been a bit since I posted, so I want to update y’all on what’s happening and what I have planned!

First, my doctor has upped my HC and my thyroid meds! By day 2 I was noticing a huge difference. My pain had decreased, my fatigue had decreased, my sleep improved!!! My brain fog is still horrible and when I physically feel better but my brain is foggy it is so maddening! But I’ve also noticed my heart rate and BP have been increasing! Overall, I have seen great improvement!!!

While I was at the doctor last week he had me step on the scales… This girl who has been between 118-130 for almost ever is not about to hit the 200’s! I’m not okay with that, not just the numbers, but I don’t like the full-tightness my skin feels. So it’s time to watch what I eat, no more See-Food eat it- diet! Plus a small thing I somehow forgot, I am prediabetic so I shouldn’t be eating crap! I do vaguely remember now that my last blood work showed pre-diabetic. Oops.

Physical activity~ we all know how painful “exercise” is, it can set us back days or even months! Belly dancing was tolerable before, it’s as slow or as fast as I want it to be, so I decided to start that back up! Today I made it through the warmups! Start small! Baby steps.

Also while I was at the doctor he reminded me that staying Hydrated helps with all of my illnesses but my POTS especially needs it right now. So increase the water intake!

Not doctor related; I was gifted a course last week, I love studying and learning and especially about Goddess/Spiritual stuff! I realized in that moment that I need to pull my energy together and get some sort of structure in my life, not only for the best benefits of the course but also so I am not so scattered that I just run in self destructive circles. I accomplish nothing because I only do bits and pieces of this and that so nothing gets neglects, but nothing gets completed either!


I’m setting goals, making plans, building structure, and creating good habits.

  • Prioritize
  • Small steps
  • Doable goals
  • Realistic expectations
  1. Eat Healthier
  2. More water
  3. Less smoking
  4. Daily routine (flexible)
  • Mediation
  • Belly Dance
  • Journal
  • Spirit School (what I am calling the combination of courses I am working on)

See, I am making plans, organizing what energy I have, making the most of each day!

So my Big changes are starting! Day 1!!!


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