Some Days are just like this~

With chronic illness we have good days and bad days, days we have fierce warrior fighter skills and the world sees us smile, and days we have no fight left and don’t see this life as worth while. Some days are just like this.

Today has been rough, physically and emotionally, today I didn’t have the energy to fight and tonight I wonder what it’s all worth. Seriously, I fight this fight day in and day out, and for what? To do it all again tomorrow? There is no relief in sight, no shining light, no cure.

The loneliness is consuming me.

The hours of thinking through the pain.

Setting goals knowing I will not follow through, but they temporarily give me hope.

Temporarily. Temporary. This too shall pass. Right?


All of my tomorrows are a new chance at one of the good days, a new chance to remember all of my reasons for fighting another day. Some days are just like this.

Some days are just like this!

Take a breath— no! Take a deep breath!

*image found on Pinterest

I’ve survived worse days, I’ll make it through this one too, because no matter the day one thing stays the same- hope! No matter how small it is, hope remains.

So when my heart is sinking from the many hours spent alone…

When my fight is wore out and no light is shone…

When I want to give up…

Some days are just like this. This day will pass. A good day will come and remind me why Hope remains, through all of the days.

Some days are just like this.


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