A Fibromyalgia Diagnosis is Emotionally Deceiving.

I think back to my fibromyalgia diagnosis, 20+ years ago and I remember being so excited, after a couple years of testing, to finally have a diagnosis! Because a diagnosis means a treatment. Right?

I think back to when my symptoms all multiplied by 10 (by 100 on bad days) and the first few doctors said “well you do have fibromyalgia!” They said it like it explained everything… in this case Addison’s Disease was yet to be diagnosed, so fibro was the answer.

Okay, so it’s fibromyalgia! That sigh of relief and this wave of “Okay give me medicine so I can return to my normal life free of pain” washes over the newly diagnosed.

So the first prescription!

And the second!

And another!

And more!

What the heck is going on? I am not getting better…

That is the deception of this wickedly cruel illness… you won’t get better! You may learn to manage symptoms! But you never get to go back to the day before fibromyalgia!

You might get lucky and have periods of “remission!” Cherish those periods!

So while your loved one who finally has a diagnosis is happy to have answers, be prepared for the day they realize that this diagnosis is emotionally deceiving.


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