Faulty Hamster Wheel~

I’ve talked a bit about brain fog and the the other cognitive impairments that come along with any one of/all of my chronic conditions, lately something is happening and it’s funny not funny.

I’ll be thinking or talking and a word (or part of the word) gets stuck on repeat either verbally or mentally. First of all if this is happening out loud it’s very embarrassing because it just repeats even when I try stopping. But in my mind when it happens it’s irritating and kind of scary. I mean seriously, what if a word, just say cracker, gets stuck, what if it doesn’t get unstuck? What if the word “cracker” repeats itself in my brain for the rest of my life!

Crackercrackercrackercrackercrackercrackercracker— you get the point!

It’s like the hamster is stuck on the wheel, the wheel just keeps on spinning.

What if, it just looks like I am staring off into space but in reality is my brain just repeating cracker cracker cracker.

Dumb thought maybe, but when it’s happening it is kinda scary.

Anyway, that is my randomness for today.

*image found on google images, “The start sessions” is all that is listed.


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