I love the Moon~ Moon Face, not so much

I am a lover of the moon, I am that “isn’t the moon beautiful!” every night- kind of woman! However moon face is a whole other story.

Tomorrow I up my hydrocortisone dosage from 30 to 35mgs as per doctors orders!

I know it sounds vain considering I take the steroids to stay alive, but I do not want the moon face.

I have always been self conscious of my round face! Now because my dosage is being upped even more, I expect Moon-face is in my near future.

If it makes me feel better, I will gladly accept moon face, but if I still feel like crap, if I still have messed up sleep- it is not a worthy trade off.

Anyway, just a bit of a vanity rant.

*image from Healthline on google search.


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