If today is an indicator…

It is no secret that I do not handle the cold temperatures very well at all. I’m in Texas so I should be fine right? I thought so! It does get cold here, it’s not Oregon cold, but it’s cold.

Well this week we had a cold front front drop in. Last night I could feel the cold pain in my knees, but this morning, the cold has set in.

Yes, 62′ is the cold that is torturing me! You’d think it was below freezing with how my body is responding!

If today is any kind of indication of the winter I will have, I don’t wanna do this anymore.

The pain is so intense that walking is gut wrenching at times.

Sweat pant, a sweatshirt, socks, and bundled in blankets I could not get my knees or feet warm! I tried rubbing them~ I couldn’t get the painful ice- turning blue of Raynauds to ease.

My amazing hubby dug the electric blanket out, wrapped me up and plugged it in, it took about an hour to get my knees and feet back to a normal temperature.

I’m a little (okay a lot) scared of what’s to come as Autumn turns into Winter.



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