I’m here, but not, Kinda, maybe~ SPINNING

Imagine a Merry-Go-Round; round and round you ride. Spinning, seeing bits and pieces of that surroundings that are not spinning. You can think, but the images move faster that words can be produced. You just spin. Round and round. You may see the same image enough that a sentence or response can be formulated, but probably not a full conversation.

And the spinning stops.

You didn’t realize how out of it you were with the spinning until the spinning slows then stops, your head really spins, the surroundings are slowly coming into focus but now you cannot remember what you wanted to say about them.

I seem to go on this merry go round ride often! But only barley to I know I am on the ride until it’s at a stopping point.

Wait wait wait~ I’ll start over.

Sometimes I can post on Facebook or other social media all day long, sharing memes and other useful (lol) info.

Sometimes I cannot think straight and do not respond, do not actively participate in groups, do not even comment on friends posts. I am not ignoring anyone. I am not being anti-social. I am not doing it on purpose. I am spinning, round and round.

Sometimes I can read an article! Sometimes I cannot read who posted it.

I spin round and round.

It might be information overload on a short sensory string. It might be brain fog.

I do feel guilty because rarely do I respond to others, I never know if I am interpreting their words right, if I am responding intelligibly, or if I am spinning.

Anyway- speaking of spinning…








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