Not even worth it~

On the days I have doctor appointments I just know to be fasting and not to take Morning medication (including hydrocortisone) in case of whatever blood draw is done. Today the only difference was a 10am appointment versus my usual 8am appointments.

Our son was picking me up at about 8am, his appointment was for 8:30 and it was pointless to make two trips to town! I slept late, therefore had to hurry getting ready. Hurry!?!? Yeah right, it take so long for my body to function, much less to do so without the HC medication an hour before I even got out of bed. But I managed.

And the low Cortisol headache started…

And it got worse…

And worse…

We went to his appointment first, luckily just a blood draw. Then we had an hour and half to wait. We all (his fiancée and and our bonus son was with us) went to IHOP for breakfast (no I didn’t eat, still fasting) the smell of food was nauseating.

Then back for my appointment.

Oh my appointment.

Now by this point I am really not feeling! Not thinking straight.

We talk, he does his exams and then…

He shrugs his shoulders and says “I really don’t know what to do with you!” We laugh at the honesty.

I’m not to have any dairy.

I’m to return immediately the next time a joint is doing what it does.

No blood draw.

No blood draw.

Now ordinarily I’d be thrilled about this, but omg I’m suffering because of the lack of meds and today you don’t want my blood? Hahahaha.

Usually I don’t do nearly this bad without the delay in meds, for some reason today is bad.

The plans we had in town for after the appointment were cancelled JUST TAKE ME HOME!

In the parking lot I took my morning meds plus an updose. COME ON MEDICATION KICK IN BEFORE I PUKE ALL OVER MY SONS TRUCKS.

I just keep feeling worse.

We stop and get me some food. When I eat I call it renting food, because I never get to keep it for very long. As is usual, my body rejected the food.

I crawl into bed and sleep takes me quickly and deeply for a few hours.

I wake up, slowly scanning for pain, praying it went away while I slept— no such luck.

More updose.

Omg the pain.

Today’s appointment… NOT EVEN WORTH IT!


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