Back to the Doctor~

I was just talking earlier today about tests, testing never seems to end, well I guess when new symptoms are always popping up that is to be expected.

So off I go tomorrow, going to see if we can figure out what they New symptoms are caused from and to see why the old ones have intensified.

I should be used to the tests, I should be used to the appointments, I should be used to all of this- but I’m not. Each appointment still scares me, what will be found this time? how painful is this test going to be? can we just do this test here and now so I’m done with it? what new medicine will I be on and for how long? is the doctor really listening or just hearing what fits his idea of what might be wrong?




I don’t think anyone ever gets used to being poked and prodded like a human pin cushion.

Anyway, I guess there is not point in being scared; whatever these new symptoms are, already are so it’s just answers (hopefully) that will be new.

*i hate when the symptom goes away the night before the appointment. My right elbow seems fine tonight! Haha.

Well, wish me luck,



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