Going With The Flow.

As you may have noticed I’ve continually been going down hill since mid-July! My depression has taken a beating! Anger! Sadness! Defeat! Anger! It’s been a roller coaster from hell!

Last night I told my amazing husband that from now on instead of laying in bed fighting the painsomnia that I was going to start getting up and reading or doing something because just laying there suffering was going to kill me.

So that is what I did. At 11:30pm I knew sleep was so far away, so I got up! I made a cup of nasty tea to help soothe my sore throat (oh did I mention I caught a cold? Grrr.) I started a load of laundry. (Don’t wash jeans when people are sleeping, the washer makes lots of noise!) and laid on the couch to study for a course I am taking. About 1am my body and mind were begging for sleep! I crawled in bed and slept till 4am.

Instead of fighting myself back to sleep I got up and went about my morning routine. Till about 9:30am when I went for a nap.

Instead of fighting what my body wants I went with the flow and wow, it made my day better! I had a bit more energy and my mood was certainly better.

Now I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing to do, but I am trying to adapt to my newest new, trying to make the best of whatever is going on now and it seems to be working.

I did finally remember to call the doctor today, a message was taken, you know how that goes.


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