I’m getting on my nerves!!!

Why is it, that nights seem the hardest? Emotionally, nights seem so much worse than days!

Today wasn’t an easy day anyway, I didn’t sleep last night, once I finally did sleep I was woke about an hour later by wicked nightmares!

Then my waking hours were worry & more worry!

The temperature was hot today and I was worried about my youngest son working in the environment he works in and lack of care by his supervisor.

My grandmother had a bad burn a week ago and there has been some family tension over that.


This weird and very painful joint hyper extending thing. Yes I will call the dr tomorrow.

Did I mention the wicked nightmare? It wouldn’t go far from my thoughts.

Then like throwing my emotions in a blender I was set off by facebook posts; a friend battling cancer and a friend lost their home to Harvey brought on the tears. Then a smack in my face done intentionally by a wolf disguised as a lamb made me want to do more than smack back. Then a family member had a baby but due to facebooks choosing who’s posts I see I hadn’t even seen pictures or congratulated them.

That list goes on but in short I cry, then scream F*ck You, then cry, then laugh, then WTH? Then back to an anger, a dash is disgust, a little envy, and round and round and round we go!!!

And some where in there I am asked a serious, don’t respond emotionally, people’s feelings could get hurt- question.

*imagine a blender full of berries and nuts, turned on without a lid- there is a mess and berries stain…

But it’s night time, so all of that reeks of another sleepless night.

And round and round and round we go…


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