How Dare You!

How dare you!

*1:30am ranting, a pissed off pity party, to no one specific and every one specifically- don’t get all upset because this is about you unless you have something to feel guilty for.*

Everyone has been betrayed in one way or another at some point in their life, it sucks, it hurts, but it happens.

Being diagnosed with chronic illnesses surely shows what friendships and relationships are made of. But later on, when the friendships/relationships are built with the illnesses present the betrayal can hurt so much worse.

The person they’ve gotten to know, the person who claims to understand and support the illnesses, the person who has researched the illnesses… when that person is actually faced to SHOW their understanding, to PROVE their support and it all goes out the window- taking other relationships with it…

You said you understood my fatigue.

You said you understood my pain.

You said you understood my stress.

You said you understood my cognitive malfunction.

You said you understood…

How dare you claim to have ever cared or understood.

How dare you play the victim.

How dare you to have put on such a “caring” person type of show!

How dare you shatter what was already fragile.

You are worse than the friendships that couldn’t handle the changes!

At least those people had “she changed so much” comparison to make!

You, you were never in it to care or understand. You played your part well!


I’d point out the shattered pieces you’ve left laying around, but you wouldn’t even care. You were never in it to care.

How dare you!

Someday Karma will show you the shattered pieces, up close and personal. I don’t wish this on you, but life happens that way! I know this because maybe what you’ve done to me is my karma. I accept that.

Betrayal happens sick or not, and it sucks, it hurts a lot!

But still…

How dare you!

*image from Wikimedia Commons (google search)


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