When Astrology is What You Love~

Today is a stuck in bed day, again, yes I get sick of these days, but today is an emotionally UP day so I'm making the best of it.

I've talked before of my love for Astrology, it never stops amazing me how it all works so perfectly. Anyway I've been doing pretty good at keeping up with the weekly insight on my Facebook page Musings of a Cosmic Gypsy so today I decided to step it up a notch! Wish me luck!
In addition to weekly astrological insight I will now be adding daily posts to offer insight daily!

But in stepping it up a notch means I need to get more creative with how & when I post and do the research for the posts.

Here is what today looks like; my Healing Hound does not like that I made him scoot over so my books, cards, and calendars have space, but he will get comfortable where he is. Yes I am posting from the warm dis-comfort of the most comfortable place I can find today!

Later this afternoon a week in advance will be posting to the Facebook page if you want to see what I do!

I've put my "tools" on a cart with wheels so I can easily move my work from desk to bed to couch.
When Astrology is what you love, you find a way to keep it accessible!


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