Days Like Today…I Sure Don’t Feel Strong~

It's days like today, and yesterday, and…
It's days like today, and probably tomorrow, and…
Does it ever end?
Seriously I'm sick of these days!
Yes I have days where I smile, I laugh, I accomplish something.
Yes, some days are better than others.
But it's these days, days like today and…

That make me wonder why, why it has to be like this, why I have to fight so darn hard, why. Why. Why.

That make me wonder what triggered this time; weather, diet, stress, medication, or Nothing at all!

That make me wonder how long will this flare last? How bad will it get? When is my next good day? Am I strong enough to hold on?


Don't worry, I'm not thinking of ending my life! It's just days like today that I question more of my life.

It's just that carrying illness every single day gets heavy sometimes, feels like more than I can continue carrying. I'll pick it back up, I'll continue. I just need to catch my breath again.
For today I scream into the pillow! For today I'll be pissed off.

Yes, to you I may look weak today! To you I may look like a drama queen. But the reality is, it's days like today that I am fighting the hardest.

Days like today.


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