Can someone please tell me…

Being as sick as I am, as Often as I am, I know my body very well! I usually know what pains belong to which Disease and what triggers those pains. But every now and then…

A few days ago my left knee felt like it went out, I could walk on it, any pressure or bending it would double me over in pain. Then the next morning the pain is gone! Not even sore.

Then on the right side my ribs felt like they too were out of place! Turning, raising my arms, breaths- it all hurt! I couldn't even get myself undressed that night.

Last night before bed my right hip did the same thing, only the pain was still there this morning just to disappear this afternoon.

Yes, I am very aware of how fibro moves around! And yes this may be some new intense fibro symptom that in 20+ years I have never experienced. But it just doesn't feel like fibro.

So far everything fixes itself eventually, if I lay down and just relax it (or I think that's what's fixing it!) but it's weird…

So, can someone please tell me if this sounds familiar, what it sounds like, what I can do to stop it! My other illnesses are debilitating enough, I don't need whatever this is.


2 thoughts on “Can someone please tell me…

  1. I have, along with everything else, hypermobile joints. That’s what causes me so many dislocations, and partial dislocations. Look up Joint Hypermobility Syndrome and see if that explains anything for you.

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    1. Oh wow!!! POTS is even on the symptom list- which I also have.
      I never looked at hyper-mobility before because I assumed it meant like I could bend my fingers backward to touch my hands- kind of thing- which I definitely cannot do.
      But yes many of the symptoms match.
      So… does this get worse as it does it more often?
      Does it come on out of nowhere? I was- well suffering all of my other stuff and bam in the last week it’s always something.


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