A New Pain~

I'm sure it confuses others when I say "it's a new pain" because I'm always in pain, how would Pr could I notice a new pain. Well when you know your body like I do, something new or different is obvious. And this is new…

It's in my knee. It came on yesterday, every time I bend the knee it almost drops me to my knees in pain. Last night I rubbed an arthritis salve I made all over it and it helped a bit, but oh still to bend it.

I went to bed and it was fine, but as I'd dose off I would bend it just to have the pain wake me with a screech that hubby somehow slept through. So I got up and wrapped it with a bandage and I slept- I slept really good.

This morning that knee pain is mostly gone, even though rain pains are fully activating the pain everywhere else. I don't know what that knee pain was, but I pray it was a one time thing.

Today is rainy and thundering, a good day to just stay in bed and let my body war itself without my participation.


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