Make Me Time Special~

I am a Chronic Warrior, just like most of you reading this. I cannot work. I spend most of my days in bed. I take my meds, I read a lot, I watch some tv. I'm in pain 24-7 so a warm bath is more out of necessity than enjoyment. On a good day I may paint my nails, do my make up, things that remind me I am a feminine woman, it makes my spirit feel good.

I do all of this just because, it's been many years since I soaked in a bubbling bath as a treat, the pamper me days are long gone because everyday is spent taking care of me.

It wasn't until the last few days and a Facebook group through Your SHEros Journey that I have realized there is a HUGE difference between pamper me time and taking care of me. HUGE!

Is it just me or do we as Spoonies forget that we need & deserve Pamper me time? I got so caught up in just surviving that I forgot to make my moments special! Even taking my daily doses of medication can be seen as special time. I bet you are thinking "yeah right." But it's true, get a special glass for your water, take your time with the pills, be thankful the pills exist to help us feel even a bit better. I say a little prayer to/for my pills to help especially well that day. Yes I may be weird. Doing it this way has given me an attitude of gratitude instead of resenting them and/or myself for needing them. I'd be dead without them, seriously I have reason to be thankful!

We put epsom salt in our bath anyway, why not take a minute to light a candle, and grab a bowl of grapes. Make our pain relieving bath a moment of "I'm so worth it!" Special time.

Our healing hounds take such good care of us, why not (if you can) go sit outside and throw a ball or let them explore, showing them a treat gives ourselves such a treat, plus the fresh air is good for (most) of us.

Open your mind, see the ways you can turn an ordinary day into a self love day! You deserve it.

Thank you to Your SHEro's Journey for changing my perspective about my life. 💜


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