I'd like to thank you and Welcome you to my blog, the place where I don't edit the words or
Myself in anyway. I am raw here, real chronicness unedited.

You'll see my good days and bad days. You'll see my excitement and my depression. You'll see me struggle, but you won't see me give up.
I blog for awareness, i blog so other Spoonies know they are not alone, I blog for family, I blog for me, I do not blog for sympathy or attention.

With that said, I'll introduce myself for those who don't know!
I've been fighting chronic illness for about 20+ years, it has gotten worse over the years, with new diagnosis being added every now and then. I've gone through the phases and back again, right now I think I'm between Angry and Acceptance.
The first question I always get asked is "what is wrong with you?" Aka- what illness do you have…

Here is the edited, updated, again- NASTY  NINE~ 

1. Fibromyalgia

2. Chronic Fatigue
3. Severe Osteoporosis 
5. Hypothyroid

6. Hashimoto's
7. Addison's disease
9. Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Then of course Multi-System Degeneration of the Autonomic Nervous System AND all of the subdiagnosis like Raynauds Phenomena, different type of Migraines, IBS, plantar Fasciitis, chronic dry mouth, chronic dry eyes, depression and anxiety… The list of subs is very long so I just stop there.

Again, I'm here to raise awareness, update friends and family who have cared enough to follow my blog, show other Spoonies that they are not alone, and to vent so I feel less alone. I'm not here to give medical advice- save that for a trained professional. I'm just a professional patient, raw and unedited sharing my journey with you.

So again, welcome! If I can help one person to say "oh me too" or help one family member to understand AI better, then I have done what I set out to do.


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