I had an amazing day!

Tonight I got on Facebook to whine about the pain in my hips (thank you Myofasical Pain) and I was going to vent a bit about another issue. Today was a horribly rough day!
My memory was hiding things from me. My cognitive skills (lack of) had me repeating words and saying the wrong words (meditate and masturbate are not to be mistaken for each other 😂) My balance was off and my POTS was sending me spinning. I was an emotional twist between anger and sadness…

As I scrolled through Facebook I seen a dear friends post about what an amazing day she had! As I read her words I let out a slow breath with the thought "okay I get it!" What I heard in her words, Think positive or look for the lesson.

First let me say, I am not all about think positively all of the time, I need balance and honestly, life isn't positive all of the time.
Second, her post was not even about me and she has no idea how it affected me.
Third okay I get it!!!

So the positives are; thanks to updosing I am being able to maintain decent Cortisol levels so I am not fighting those nasty symptoms. The fibro is not flaring nearly as bad as I expected. The headaches have stayed at bay. That alone calls for a good day.
And the lessons; well I guess I learned that being upset over someone else's actions only keeps me hurting because I'm sure they aren't loosing sleep over it. So I need to Get Over It!

Hmmm, okay I get it! I had a pretty amazing day too!

By the way, I'm super happy my friend had an amazing day too! 😘


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