Like clockwork~ 3 Day Delay

Seriously, is it just me or do all of us Spoonies do this? Have a day that should knock us down, but it doesn’t, till three days later? 

It’s a delayed reaction that never fails, 3 days after whatever intensity passes, just about the time I start thinking “oh no down days,” then BAM the symptoms hit like a freight train! 

I felt it starting yesterday, but today, ohhhh today.  The headache, the big D, add in vomiting, the physical pain, the emotions all over the place… all of my symptoms in one day. 

I have to say though, I am very thankful, I prayed and prayed that my health hold up for that week of travel, our sons Wedding, the unexpected health issues for my hubby- and it did. I maintained fairly well! Well I say that, but I’m finding out about conversations that I don’t remember: like feeding my hubby a Snickers bar while in the hospital- THERE WAS NO SNICKERS BAR! Haha. And at the wedding I stayed in the background as much as possible. But, for the most part, with a lot of updosing- I did well! 

I’m still not being able to gather my thoughts enough to respond like I want to to messages I received during the trip- *Nonie I love you and am not ignoring you, I just cannot respond yet. 

Anyway, like clockwork, the 3rd day after the dust has settled and I am having a delayed flare of epic proportions. 

So I pay the price now and I expected that. I’m going back to bed now. Love to all! 


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