Stress is Stress~ and it’s kicking my arse! 

When someone says “this stress is really getting to me” most people are referring to something negative like a loss or chaos of a rough day. But when a person with a chronic illness makes that statement, “stress” can mean many things. 

Let me tell you about my upcoming week… 

  1. Monday will be spent packing for a trip. 
  2. Tuesday & Wednesday will be spent traveling to our destination. (26 hour car ride.) 
  3. Thursday is picking people up from the airport. That evening will be spent catching up with cousins I haven’t seen in a while. 
  4. Friday I will be trying to rest for Saturday but Friday evening is the rehearsal dinner for Saturdays wedding! (Yes WEDDING!!! Our son is marrying his best friend! I am going to have a Daughter in law!!!)
  5. Saturday is Wedding day! All of the normal getting ready stuff, the Wedding itself, seeing friends and family I haven’t seen in forever, meeting new friends and family!
  6. Sunday is traveling 3-4 more hours to my hometown to start the process of packing and moving my stuff from my old house (way long over due) to where I live now (26+ hours away!)
  7. Monday is more packing! Oh and did I mention I’m in my home town for the first time in years? More socializing! 
  8. Tuesday & Wednesday is the trek back across the states, riding passenger for way to many hours! 

First let me make sure this is perfectly clear, I am so stinking excited about it all! 

This week is STRESS!!!

  • Travel stress (physical)
  • Social stress (emotional) 
  • Sleep deprived stress (physical & emotional)
  • Family stress (emotional) 
  • Packing stress (physical & emotional)

But there are two main types of stress. 

  1. Negative Stress
  2. Positive Stress

For me, basically anything outside of my normal routines and schedules at home are stressful! 

Regardless of the type of stress, STRESS IS STRESS, and stress irritates and intensifies more than one of my chronic illnesses. The worst being that stress depletes my Cortisol, pain depletes my Cortisol, lack of sleep depletes… You get the idea. Stress makes my pain worse. Stress causes painsomnia. 

So even though I am totally excited for the week ahead, stress is Stress and it is kicking my arse! 


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