Easier said than done~

I used to love trips; wearing clothes I don’t wear often, adventures, the journey… But since getting sick-er I don’t like leaving the house! This trip should be one I am ecstatically excited for, it’s my sons wedding, I will get to see old friends and family, and I will finally be moving my belongings to my own house (it’s only been 6 years!) 

 I have packing lists everywhere! Lists for medications/ refills. Lists for medical supplies (ice packs, heating pads, etc.) The book of medical information, emergency protocols etc. Lists for clothes (weather related and bloated sizing choices.) lists for personal items and then of course the lists for the pet/house sitter… Lots of lists. 

It’s not just throwing meds, clothes etc in a bag and being ready, I wish it were still that simple. I have to plan ahead; making sure all medications are refilled,
It is not a short trip either, 26 hours of being passenger, staying hydrated and stopping for breaks and stopping for the night so my body cooperates. Then a day or two of rest before my sons wedding, I even have to plan ahead here because it’s a late afternoon wedding and usually that is when I am napping because the exhaustion has set in. The following day is a 3-4 hour car ride to my parents house where we will spend the next couple of days packing up and clearing out my old stuff, then back on the 24+ hour ride home. 
Did I mention visiting friends and family in the middle of all of that? 

Just thinking of the busy-ness is exhausting. But keeping my mind clear enough to think through the fog to even get ready for the trip is mind numbing. 
I bet, by this point the healthy people are like, what’s so hard or different about all of this, a trip is a trip… so let me show you.
Medical: I need enough to last between now and the time we leave, then I have to have enough for the trip plus 1 week in case of emergency delay returning home. Some meds are 1, 2, 3 times per day, but others are as needed… As needed? How do I plan for that? Well I just added the max amount per day multiplied by the days to be gone. PAUSE- my brain fog is getting to me, how many days is the trip? How many days till the trip? Won’t refills just be enough without all of the counting, wait- counting what- PLAY- these two need refilled, these 3 need refilled with doctors consent, 2 of those need ordered. I need two new syringes called in- oh and the ice packs in to (remember to get them before I leave) and out of the freezer for my emergency case. Medications that need upped for the trip need more than usual!

Image from Google Search- gigaom .com

Walking stick needs to go, I think I’ll be okay without the wheel chair. Compression shorts, ice packs, heating pad, antibiotic ointment. Should I bring my blood pressure cuff? Grab the charger for Fitbit. Grab the Imodium just in case and don’t forget some mild pain relievers! ELECTROLYTES- omg don’t forget the packets of electrolytes and salt for my purse. 

Oh my purse: emergency injection kit, emergency medications, electrolyte packets, emergency protocol instruction packet, emergency info binder and all my other normal purse stuff. 

Oh and doctors letter, don’t forget that! 

Clothes & Shoes: yes here I pack somewhat normally EXCEPT what if I have a badly bloated day, that calls for new bra size and bigger everything else including up a shoe size- so I kinda of pack for two different people here. 
Personal products are pretty average packing! 
See the difference though? 
And the stress activates the pain and brain fog, so it is a slow and time consuming process- EXCEPT the fatigue has also set in so it’s nap time! 

Oh- bottled waters (to pour the electrolyte mix into) and salty snacks are necessary to pack too. 
Just by this post I can tell I am forgetting something. But the idea is the same, packing as a chronically fabulous Spoonie is exhausting.  

😂I fell sound asleep after typing this. 😴


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