A Big Oooops!!! Medication~

I have been noticing that I was getting sicker and sicker nearly daily, last night I was minutes from waking hubby to take me to the ER (I fell asleep- will explain in this post) because I felt like I was dying- or at least wanted to just to escape the pain. 

I had not experienced pain like that in a very long time, with every heave of my stomach the pressure in my head got worse- I was terrified- I knew what was happening- Crisis! *As near crisis as I would/should ever get without going to the ER! But that was the only thought, I couldn’t connect the dots as to what to do about it. 

“I knew what was happening- Crisis!” 

I tried something I usually don’t do, much less at night, I increased my dose  from 2.5 at bed to 17.5!  I waited! I kept giving it 15 more minutes~ then I woke up with the headache, not nearly as bad 4.5 hours later! Nausea and pain still causing chaos in my body.  My usual wake up dose of 10 was bumped to 30mg~ and I waited for pain to subside, it eased but didn’t go away. At 10:30am my usual dose of 5 was bumped to 15. Again I waited…

And finally, the headache is barely noticeable, the pain still lingers, I managed to keep my dinner, and after weeks of having it all,  the relief is amazing! Yes, I said weeks!

I made a major bad Ooops with my medication May 8th! 

I know the exact date because it was written in my #SpooniePlanner! I rewrote my medication schedule that day, as I do every few months to use as a cheat sheet for the weekly refill of medication organizer…

Fast forward to this morning and I am getting ready to place a call to dr because medication needs upped- I can feel it. I need more Cortisol!!! So I get out my cheat sheet and notice my mistake… 10+5+2.5+2.5 DOES NOT = 27.5

I added and re-added the miligrams! 30 is my daily suggested, but I do awesome at 27.5 where the heck did I loose 7.5? Why aren’t the right numbers on my cheat sheet? Reading further into that days journal entries I mention multiple times about BRAIN FOG!!! 

*see how useful a health journal is?! πŸ““ 

*Brain fog sucks ☁️ 

*see how I should not do my own meds? πŸ˜‚

OH THE MED I AM TALKING ABOUT… Hydrocortisone~ the steroid that keeps me alive! 

When I told my husband of my “Ooops,” he wrapped me in his arms and said “If something big would have happened you might not be here right now!” I hadn’t thought of that! He will now be double checking my lists. 

*see how amazing my hubby is! 😘

Tonight I am still not 100% (as 100% as I get anyway) but wow it’s a night and day difference! I’ll take extra Hydrocortisone tomorrow and maybe the next day, then be back to the real dose that really totals 27.5. 

I’m glad I found the error before it was to late! Now to recover. 

Good night! 

Blessings πŸ’œπŸ•―


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